IoT for Partners Readiness Assessment
See if your organization is ready to implement an IoT Channel Program.  It only takes about 5 minutes and will help you assess your IoT readiness, then allow you to connect to strategies to accelerate your program.
Tell Us About You

What's your name?

What's your company name?

Customers I Sell To

I have customers that have fleets (trucks, buses, etc.).

I sell to multi-location retail customers.

Some of my customers are in the healthcare industry.

My customers have field organizations or remote workers.

I have customers that are manufacturers.

Some of my customers have logistics or supply chain management as part of their business.

Some of my customers own buildings that have office, warehouse, or retail space with fluorescent, incandescent, or mercury vapor lights.

Solutions That I Have Sold

I currently sell mobility or multi-location networking services to my customers.

I focus primarily on equipment solutions vs. services.

I have sold customized applications to customers.

I have sold cloud-based services (i.e. hosted phone solutions) to customers.

I sell IT or Managed Services.

My Understanding of the Internet of Things

I have a working knowledge of the Internet of Things.

I believe that the annual spend for IoT solutions in 2018 will be:

My customers have asked me about IoT Solutions.

I believe that the Internet of Things is used by businesses to:

I have sold at least one IoT service.

About your IoT Service

My IoT application or service is:

My IoT application is used in the following markets:

How is your IoT solution used by business?

My IoT application or service is:

The components of an IoT solution I offer are:

My IoT application or service requires:

We sell our IoT service primarily to:

Tell Us About Your Channel Program

My company has a channel program.

How do you generate revenue today?

These are the type of channel partners that we currently work with.

We compensate our channel partners by:

We currently have relationships with telecommunications master agents.

Tell Us About Your Channel Sales & Support Model

This best describes how we view our channel sales model.

We have employees at the company dedicated to the channel.

We have a formal process to register and track deals submitted by our channel partners.

We have a process to resolve channel conflict with our direct sales group.

Tell us about technology you use in your Channel Program

We have an online portal for our channel partners.

The channel partner portal is used for:

Just a Little More Information

We are interested in either starting a channel program or investing to grow our current program.

We view our IoT applications in the channel as:

You are ready to launch an IoT practice.  Use IoT for Partners to build your revenue stream.
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Channel Ready!
You are already channel ready and can easily expand your channel with the IoT for Partners Program.  Learn more about this additional marketplace to generate revenue..
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Great Potential!
Not the top score, but you have enough customers, & knowledge to have an IoT practice. This site will show you how.
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Channel Potential 
You have some of the elements of a channel ready program, but lack the “complete package” to be channel ready in this marketplace. Click to get connected to resources to help elevate your channel program.
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Time to Start!
You have customers, some experience & knowledge.  Let IoT for Partners help you generate revenue from IoT.
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Just Learning!
The IoT for Partners site is perfect for you to build your knowledge of IoT, approach customers, and start a revenue stream.
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Channel Beginner
You may have the elements to succeed in the IoT for Partners program, but need help to get channel ready. Click to get connected to resources to help you get started.
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